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Bachmann produced HO scale slot cars as an accessory to their HO scale train line in the late 1960's or early 1970's. The manufactures retail price was $2.50 for their Groovebusters series of cars.  The Groovebuster chassis didn't lend itself to much modification.  About all you could do was to replace the rear tires with silicones; if you dared try to remove the motor you may have used a fast motor from a tycopro who's motor was just about the same.  The chassis is very brittle and would sometimes snap when removing the motor.  The gearing is a worm gear with a helical drive gear; again not many upgrades there.  Pickup spring tension could be altered if the car has 'hop'.  As Tabcomary said,  'The good news is the body mounting posts line-up with T-Jet mounting screws. At least the body might live on, even if the chassis doesn't."